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Established in 2004, Central Pony Express was originally formed to provide over the road transportation services to all 48 states.  We have hence incorporated specific regions within Texas to offer our services and achieve the satisfaction from all our existing and potential customers.

We provide more than 30 years of professional trucking knowledge behind our business and use that knowledge to accommodate any customer requests and therefore continue expansion of our expertise into other areas of the trucking industry.

Sourcing and information services are also very important components of our business.  Not only will we explore every opportunity to minimize total cost to the customer, we will work with your organization to analyze and execute all your transportation needs.

Central Pony Express employs professional office staff to ensure that all our customer’s needs are met.  Our sales team provides personal contact with each and every customer and is available to assist with any type of transportation request.  Our experienced dispatchers maintain contact in addition to advanced GPS tracking with all our trucks and manage each load from start to finish.  The accounting department ensures that all billing is accomplished in a quick and efficient manner.

Central Pony Express realizes safety is a very important factor in our industry. Therefore we ensure that all drivers are properly qualified, professionally trained and in compliance with all regulations.  Furthermore, the safety department oversees our maintenance and inspection program to certify that all equipment is reliable and ready for the road.

Our fleet consists of all newer model Peterbilt trucks combining diversity within our specialized units. We offer a select array of rollback trucks, 3 axle and 4 axle Heavy haul trucks, 3+3+3 RGN 85 Ton, 2+3+2 RGN 70 Ton, 3+1 RGN 55 Ton trailers, 3 axle RGN trailers, and specialized Landoll trailers to accommodate all possibilities for our customers.

We believe that diversity allows our company to meet the total transportation needs of all our customers. Moreover, we strive to accomplish daily tasks in a very safe and efficient routine.  We reiterate all safety procedures to our drivers to ensure the safety of their self in addition to the safety of others.  Our company exceeds all precautions to protect the interest of the trucking industry.

In conclusion, we understand the importance of identifying and responding to each customer’s unique needs, therefore we would appreciate the opportunity to accommodate all your requests in the future.

Thank you and we look forward to your business.

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